Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Private Reserve Black Cherry Fountain Pen Ink

This will be pretty short. I have had lots of personal drama, and I am just now starting to feel a bit more like myself again. I don't think anyone reads this, or cares too much about my opinion of writing instruments and the like, but I do it anyway. I'm stubborn like that.

I had pretty high hopes for this ink. I've mentioned before that I'm a big fan of dark red inks. Come to think of it, I like dark inks in general, as long as they have color. Doesn't make much sense does it? Oh well, I never claimed to, but I digress.

I wanted a dark red, a crimson reminiscent of blood, perhaps not as bright. Much to my chagrin, Black Cherry was way too brown, not at all like what I wanted. Turns out, I should have looked into the color more before I bought it. Due to my disappointment, I think I will be a little too neurotic when picking out future ink colors. The color is a more natural take on the true color of a black cherry, I think. I could be wrong, because the only kind of cherry I really like to eat is of the Maraschino persuasion. I found it to be more brownish on Rhodia paper than the crappy paper I use for initial testing. The ink shaded nicely, and I'm sure if you want a brownish-red, earthy color, this would be right up your alley. Unfortunately for me, I just don't like it, and I'll probably never use it again. 
Here are the samples, both done in a Lamy Safari, a fine nib and a 1.5 calligraphy/italic. The fine nib sample was done on aforementioned crappy paper. 

I think these scans come off a tad bit more red than they look in person.

Oh well,


  1. That's a color I would use and like. The color you're looking for might be tough to get.

    Ever try J Herbin 1670?

    -Sailor Kenshin, FPN

  2. A dark blood colour is Diamine Oxblood. Try it! :-)

  3. If you don't like the color, why not try swapping it at the fountain pen network?