Friday, October 29, 2010

J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche Fountain Pen Ink

I am not going to be saying much about this ink that hasn't been said before.

This a very pretty color. The hue reminds me of what I would want a Caribbean beachfront view to look like. The shading is gorgeous, to me it looks like the ink tends to "pool" on the lower half of letters. That may be due to the pen/nib, or the way I write, but I feel it gives a very pleasing effect. It makes me think of the gradient of colors you see as tropical waters get deeper. Bleu Pervenche made me want a pina colada with a float of blue curacao on the top of it! A very pretty color for summer, which is probably when I will ink up with it again, as I am a strong believer in seasonal palettes.
Would I buy it again? Yes, but probably with a more specific intent in mind, rather than as a staple ink.


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