Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beauty on the Cheap

I am a thrifty girl, how else would I be able to waste money on pens and inks?!? So over the past year or so, I have discovered several great products that will keep you looking put together for very little money!

First we’ll do skin care. I am not particularly fussy about these kinds of things, but I do suffer from dinner-plate sized pores, especially on my sniffer. This is the ONLY facial cleanser I have ever used that doesn’t make me break out.  (Catch-22 anyone?) Anyhoo, this cleanser actually DOES make your pores smaller, and it can be used as a daily cleaner, or put on dry skin as a mask. I’m not sure how much I paid for it, but I’d say it was in the neighborhood of $5-6 at Kroger. It also lasts a very long time if you are just using a small amount in problem areas.  This is good stuff, and I just hope I can find it again when I run out.

Next, a mani-pedi! I LOVE nail polish, but I HATE spending the time on my nails and having the paint chip off the very next day. This Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear nail polish is just the ticket. It applies easily, dries quickly, and lasts a good 5 days without any significant chipping. This is my current beauty obsession. It also helps that the stuff $2-3 a bottle and widely available. The color offerings are great (way more than what is pictured above), and it simply spanks much more expensive polishes in terms of lasting once applied. *cough* OPI *cough*

Finally, let’s address our hair! I have RUINED my hair many a time because I can’t leave it alone. Having done so, I know all too well the value of a great shampoo and conditioning routine. I’ve begrudgingly spent $22 on one container of Biolage Conditioning Balm before because it WORKS. Lucky for me, Suave’s new “Professionals” line really does the trick, and for much, much, much less money! I am very adamant about taking good care of my hair because I am trying to let it grow out. I can honestly say that this moisturizing shampoo and conditioner is comparable to Biolage in how soft, shiny, and sleek they make my hair look. For the big bottles, you’ll only have to drop $2 and change at Wal-Mart.

I hope these tips can help you, my dear readers, save some pennies where you can. I haven’t been reimbursed in any way, shape, or form for these reviews, though I wish I had! Also, the pictures are just results of Google image searches, and are not my own.

Stay Nifty and Thrifty,


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