Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We could all use a little "hope" in 2011.

Okay, misleading title, I know, I know.
This is just another fountain pen ink review... but it is for a very, very, very, PINK ink!
Diamine Hope Pink, to be exact.
Hope Pink is just about as pink as you can possibly get an ink, and I love that! I'm pretty sure I have had my hair this exact color before. The color is great, not too purple, or too red. It is bright and happy without being annoyingly in-your-face (in my opinion, anyway). I wanted to find a pink that was the same color as my pink Pilot Varsity, and this ink is almost identical to it.

This ink behaves well in just about every respect. It is not waterproof, but doesn't claim to be. It flows nice and smooth, with no feathering on Rhodia paper.  The dry time is about average.
I was slightly disappointed with Private Reserve Rose Rage, but where it falls short, Hope Pink picks up and soars!
I purchased this Diamine ink as a sample from The Goulet Pen Company, and I most certainly want to get a full bottle!


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  1. Obviously I'm late to this review, but thanks! I just got a sample of it, and put it in my Noodler's Flex pen (also pink) and I loveses it!!