Saturday, September 11, 2010

We had the good, now the bad. Foray Liquid Medium Turquoise

This pen has to be one of the most disappointing ones I've purchased since really getting back into pens earlier this year. I bought this at Office Depot, and I don't know if this is "their" brand or what, but this pen just plain sucks. It is a liquid rollerball with a medium (.7mm) tip, so it should have a nice consistent ink flow. It most certainly has no such thing. I had tried one out in the store and like it, which is why I bought this dud in the first place. Now, I will say, this is a rather attractive pen. It has a very nice feel in the hand. It has a "heft" that makes it feel like it is going to be a much nicer writing implement than it is. Deceptive minx! The color is typical of a turquoise liquid ink. Not bad, but not extraordinary either. The ink flow skips something fierce, and there is just nothing else to make up for it. The grip is slick and hard to hold on to. I can imagine this being a real problem if I could stand writing with this long enough for my fingers to fatigue and sweat a little. I bought it individually at Office Depot, and while I can't remember for how much, I assure you it was overpriced. This is the kind of pen that if I had stolen it from a friend based on promising looks, I would "remember" I had borrowed it and give it back. The writing sample doesn't do justice to how poorly it performs (it behaved a lot better than usual today). 

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