Friday, March 26, 2010

A few thoughts on Turkey

Turkeys are one of those familiar items that we all prepare, or at least try to prepare, on several occasions throughout the year. To many people the thought of cooking a turkey fills them with dread, but this does not have to be so. Turkeys are not only relatively easy to cook, but delicious and should be enjoyed more than two to three times a year. You can typically find good deals on turkeys throughout the year, and these deals should not be passed up. There are a few tips and trick I would like to share with you to make your turkey cooking and consuming more enjoyable. First and foremost, if you are not completely in love with turkey legs buy the turkeys that are free of them. You may need to buy two of these breast only turkeys depending on how many people you are feeding and how many leftovers you want, but they are much more approachable and easier to cook well than their leg bearing counterparts. Secondly, throw away your turkey bags, boxes, iron maidens, and attachments. These items are no more cohesive to a moist turkey than the weather and should be avoided if simply for the ease of cooking the darn thing. The real secrets to a great turkey are simple: a good digital cooking thermometer and BUTTER. Lots and lots of butter. When you are preparing your turkey make a pocket between the skin and the breast with your hand and fill that sucker with butter seasoned with whatever you like, then rub the outside with butter as well. Make that turkey think that it was just in a cage fight with Paula Deen. After that simply roast your little legless friends in a roasting pan with a combination of white wine, water, beer, stock, or whatever liquids you like under the rack and covered with tinfoil on 325 until your digital thermometer reads about 160, making sure to uncover your birds at about the 145-150 mark so they can brown up a bit. Turkeys are simple, delicious, and often times very affordable,and should not be relegated to holidays out of fear and mistrust. So go out and buy yourself a turkey, and when you are enjoying that leftover turkey sandwich when everyone else at school or work is eating bologna, you'll thank me.

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