Monday, April 30, 2012

Pen and Ink–A photo diary

So I have been away, getting educated… and neglected this.

I’m going to do one of those sloppy, full of pictures updates, just to catch up. I may or may not review anything pictured.

Diamine Apple Glory, Diamine Meadow, and Rohrer + Klinger Alt-Goldgrun:

Lamy Safari love (including the 2012 Apple Green LE):

Diamine Amazing Amethyst:

My 10th Anniversary gift from Nick, a Waterman 52 1/2 Fountain pen and pencil set in Red Ripple!:

Best notebook find ever:

Pilot Iroshizuku Kosumosu:

The search for the perfect Tiffany “Little Blue Box” color. (Diamine Soft Mint, my own 1:1-ish mix of J. Herbin Vert Reseda and Private Reserve Daphne Blue, De Atramentis Pigeon Blue, and Diamine Steel Blue.):


Battle of the light greens. (Herbin Vert Pre, R+K Alt-Goldgrun, Iroshi Chiku-rin, Diamine Light Green, Kelly Green, and Meadow.):

That about sums it up for now… Stay tuned. The summer break might just cause me to do some updating!

Many inky returns,



  1. Thanks for the update Shaylen! That apple green safari is looking good! I can't wait to have one, myself, and ink it up with Diamine Meadow. How are you liking it so far? Is the color too bright, or just muted enough?

    I do love Meadow, and really appreciate the comparison you've included.

    The d'Atrementis Pigeon Blue is looking pretty good too! It's tough to resist! I always learn new things from my favorite inkophile! Thanks for such a thorough post!

    1. The Safari is just muted enough. I love it! On the other hand, I wouldn't mind it at all if it were dayglo-green! ;-)

      I wouldn't mind more Pigeon Blue myself. It's a nice ink, I just haven't gotten around to getting a full bottle.